Thursday, April 9, 2009

How To Decorate Our Living Room?

Dear readers,

Yay, we finally bought our sofa set.. ! Yang paling best, I got my own love seat yang diidam2kan.. hehe. Our sofa set is fabric based and L-shaped and comes with 5 pillows. Mmg suka bantal byk2 nie, boleh main pillow fight. We also bought coffee table and TV cabinet at the same store since it was on sale. It's a great deal I must say. :)

Now, other stuff like curtains, carpet, coffee table perhiasan lain will revolve around my Red sofa and love seat.. how do i balance the whole thing? Simple.. Color coordination

Look at this, such a simple yet classy ensemble. But to spice the look of it, I would use another colour for the curtain, something with patterns perhaps.

    Nampak santai sahaja kolobarasi ini. Sesuai untuk si jiwa muda. lihat saja padanan corak pada permaidani dan bantal. Tapi kalau tgk lama2 boleh pening kepala.

Mungkin ada yang berpendapat red leather sofa sangat cantik. Tapi, saya agak kureng sikit, seperti juga how I can't accept red leather jacket like this

....On second thought, not fair to make that comparison. I take that back..hehe

Tips to decorate the living room around red sofa seat
  • Let it be the focal point. Modern design uses a lot of bright colored furniture. Give the room a bright white coat of paint even if your room is already white. This will really freshen things up & make your furniture choice look intentional. *Yes! tak payah spend money on paint..dah memang putih..hehe*

  • Bring in artwork. This can be anything from black & white photography to bright pop art. Just make sure that it hangs on the sofa wall so the whole wall turns into a focal point. *Artwork..hmmm..boleh la bawak audrey hepburn painting dlm bilik ku itu*

  • Make big gestures. Leave the room uncluttered so things don't get too overwhelming. Add in functional pieces like a leather shag rug or a copper art piece.

  • Use dark colored woods. The stain will probably have a few reddish tones in it that with both correlate to & tone down your red sofa.

  • Change the style of the room. If your living room was modern, go for an old world feel. Your furniture will keep things from being too themey. Add in leathers, opulent silks, & comfy throw pillows. *Love the idea of comfy throw pillows, the bulkier the better*

  • Bring in more color. If the starkness of the red against white walls is a little too much for you, bring in other colors. When most people think of red they assume that it matches black, white & red. Take a visit to your local import store where you will see it next to gold & even purple. Just make sure that you leave enough white space in the room so your eyes don't get strained with an over saturation of color. *oh yes, my fiance for sure suka red and black. biasalah kan his fav football club colour :p
Can't wait to decorate the house. Furniture will arrive early May, sebelum tuh kena ada operasi besar-besaran membersihkan rumah. Masa untuk mengerah keringat askar2


  1. what u need is a bean bag.

  2. great idea, perfect as my wedding gift. Thanks Xul!

  3. i bought red sofa too!!
    sy biar dinding kaler putih.
    pair with pattern curtain.
    pastel color rug.

    yg penting, simple dan selesa! :)

  4. xeea.. i read your blog, very informative. i link yeah?

  5. the perfect combination...canthekk

  6. dan ouh...sbnarnye itu wrna combination my rumah bro yg ober suka kaler tu..hik

  7. damnit. i shall refrain from commenting until ur married then.

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