Monday, April 27, 2009


Dear readers,

I stumbled upon this idea when searching for the cheapest paper bag yesterday. Bagusnya idea ni.. instead of scan the kad kahwin, why not use a little bit of creativity and put up a video of your E-Invitation, for those yang tak dpt hantar card atas alasan tertentu. (money constraint, tetamu terlebih and such)

What you need is a guy/gal who is really good in editing, and throw in some pictures with audio.. dah siap.. :) Email it, facebook it, youtube it as you want.
This is too cute! Wish I can create one like this!

Nice one.. tapi agak panjang video nyer..

For the couple who has sense of humour.. pun panjang gak


  1. Here is an easy solution to create your own. Not as complex as some, but definitely elegant and classy. It is really simple. Just upload your pictures and music, then create some text slides. Put it all together and send it out to all of your friends. Great for someone who wants something non traditional as a supplement.

  2. waa..sunggoh kreatif...buatlah satu u...

  3. anil, kalau sempat i buat lah, why not, for a difference :)


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