Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rayavadee Krabi

Dear readers,

Calling all you beachbums, honeymooners, traveller's wife (kau la tu bibah)..

Get ready to drool..

I got this recommendation from a colleague in Thailand, Khun Prapas some time ago. He knows I'm getting married this year, and being such a sport and loves his country so much, he recommended this place for our honeymoon..

According to him lah kan, this is more like a 6 star hotel, but he can get half price if I'm going there with my hubby. Look out for their promotion and special offers..

I'd rather go to Krabi than Phuket since Phuket is overrated, and these days not as pretty as before. But then, we're still discussing, tak finalize lagi on our honeymoon..
Pictures are copyright from their website

Look at this, simpy breathtaking.. just like heaven on earth

Snorkelling in the crystal clear water..

Deluxe Pavillion

Master Suite, the Rayavadee Villa

Their swimming pool

This one's my fav, dining in The Grotto

Phranang Beach.. magnificent!
Tapi kena jugak consider political scene in Thailand these days, macam tak selamat nak gi sana. But no doubt, Thailand got so many islands and beaches that are simply amazing..
I think there are a few brideger (bride+blogger) considering Krabi.. good choice I must say!


  1. hehe..u know what, me n my friends dah beli ticket to krabi last year..suddenly, 1 of us kena tunang mengejut ...hahaha...teros cancel..lesap RM1k... but definately akan pg juga some day... u pegi lah.. boleh meransang me n frens utk tebos blik..

  2. aku dengan daniel nak pegi phuket in july... after aku punya master... but mcm cantik lagi krabi ni! mcm nak cancel phuket lah :-)

  3. i'm going to krabi for my birthday. i'll give u the the details of what to do there.

    on second thought, aku gi holdiay, ko gi honeymoon. tak sama "what-to-do" list kite azi...

  4. anil: itulah dia..biasanya klau booking awal2 (sbb nak dpt rate murah kan) slalu jd case camni. I pun pernah kena gak..cancel filipina trip sbb my fren ada kursus.. sigh~

    bibah:Pergi dua2 skali pun ok jer.. at least leh tgk ago go girls kat phuket and then nak bersihkan balik mata, gi krabi.. hihi

    peah: bg jer to do list tuh, takkan lari byk punya..yg penting tpt makan yg best k. :)

  5. kita dah book honeymoon trip kita and yes.. it is to krabi.
    nak join?

  6. omg! i didnt know krabi is this beautiful. definately one for the list ;)

  7. i'm one of that bride too ehhe :P

    good info anyway..!

  8. oh yeah.. definitely on my list too, tp tetiba diracun gi mauritius lak.. adeh nk dua2 skali leh tak syg?


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