Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfume for hantaran (for him)

Dear readers,

I'm on a perfume hunting for my hantaran. My fiance already bought me Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy. It's in whole set and to my delight, it comes with a lot of freebies. Mascara, 2 makeup bags, eu de toilette miniatures, basic skincares in travel set and a cute notebook. :)
My fiance is currently using Hugo Boss, he looove the perfume, tak habis satu botol lagi dah beli baru. Thought of buying new fragrance for him..just for a change.
Now, there are only 3 perfumes that's on my list (for now)..

Paco Rabane 1 Million.

Packaging yang sangat menarik, I love Paco Rabane perfume so much that i wear Ultraviolet for men satu masa dulu. Hihi... 1 Million smells sweet but some said, its too sweet until its unmasculinely. I really fancy the bottle tho.. mmg cantik atas dulangku.. :)

Dunhill Black

Sampai sekarang masih tercari2 tester for this perfume.. Newly launched and raved to appeal to the iconic English gentlemen. Think Daniel Craig, Clive Owen.. Hmmm... Menarik gak tuh..

Burberry Men by Burberry.
This scent is woody and musky. No need to reapply as it lasts all day long. Yeah, woody is very manly, bau kayu-kayuan.. I heard good reviews for Burberry, my father is a huge fan and I know his taste is impeccable! So, might also consider this one.
Others: Narciso Rodriguez.. Somebody suggested this, boleh la test kat Isetan time lunch hour esok lusa.. :)


  1. ai Nariko...saya ade try bau Dunhill Black...bau die cm macho je...saya BF pn plan nk bli Dunhill Black ni...

  2. We just bought one set of dunhill black for our wedding hantaran. My fiancee ske bau die. Skang tgh promotion kot psl baru launch jugak kn. ;)

  3. ultraviolet mmg sedap ek bau dia?hihih..owh..dunhill black tu baru ek?my fiance suke dior homme sport and hugo boss jugak.hehe.tapi i rasa macam perfume laki lagi best bau dia dr perfume pompan..

  4. not a big fan of burberry. try ferragamo. smells like tak*sabar*nk*terkam hihihi

  5. Dunhill tu cam wangi and masculline je....

  6. Yanie and Fad: Yeah.. dia baru launch, definitely kena try the testers.. :)

    BTB: Ultraviolet mmg best. harus declare unisex..Kalau ada lagi yg sweet smell bgtau yer..

    fizz: ur comment ni makes me smile.. haha

    Nor: yes, mmg macho je ghope nye, ada kat isetan tak?

  7. i bought that dunhill for my groom...sangat wangi..rase ghairah...hehehe...

  8. Anil, Oh.. kamu sungguh straight to the point. Baiikk! mari cari tester secepat mungkin

  9. haha..ghairah ke anil??huahhh..harus test dulu nehh..nariko..212 sexy for men for sedappppp nyam nyam..hahaha


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