Monday, March 16, 2009

Mari berangan epy 3: Kad Kahwin

Dear readers,

Now that my fiance has extended his vacation, saya dah mula susun taktik. This week we'll go see kad kahwin. I have a few on my mind already, kandadinda in Puchong, 1 in Kajang and also 1 in Shah Alam, oh and 1 in Medan Mara as suggested by Qila. :)

What I'm looking for:

Initially, berangan nak tempah kad kawen grand, hard cover and embossed + our pictures some more.. from Bandung. Dah gi survey, the one that fit what i wanted was a bit over our budget. Dan setelah di consult ramai org, better amik kat sini je la, taking into account shipping charges and all, rasa agak tak worth it.. lagipun kad kawen ni nnt org buang2 jugak.

Masa kat Bandung ada 2 tempat dah pergi. Jasmine Invitation card on Jln Cibadak and Etnik Card in Pasar Baru. Miss Linda was really helpful and layan me n my parents dgn sgt baik. She even gave me a sample of this card, which i lovvveee, to take back home with me. :)

Etnik Card also not bad, many great choices..and bapak tuh pun siap buat layout lagi for my card. How sweet of u, bapak..

This weekend ada 1 wedding to attend in Melaka, next weekend is my cousin's wedding in Muar.

We're fully occupied!


  1. act, pasal this kad kawen u better beli je kat sini cos time i dulu kire2 shipping sume sama jugak..time i kawen i guna the hardcover.mine ada embossed but my husband biasa but also hardcover.i advise u pegi kalau ade promotion psl hal2 kawen ni..selalu dorg buat kat MV..i buat kat cahaya idaman. kedai die kat medan mara. u pegi survey dulu but jgn booking dulu...then the last day tu u pegi and buat la tawar menawar..harga mmg jatuh merundum. mind dlm RM7 dapat RM2.70 after my husband murah ajer Rm5 but dpt RM2...jimat byk i tell u...

  2. Thanks..i think of the same too.. skrg baru nk survey2 and compare harga. hopefully dapat jumpa la yg berkenan. :) nnt leh check out yg medan mara tu..

  3. jasmine inivitation tu by appoinment only ke? and is it close to pasar baru?

    i'm thinking to drop by after pasar baru.

  4. Its consider close..but better take a taxi. you can call Linda at +62 8122372455. Remember to consider the shipping cost skali :)


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