Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Dear Readers,

I'm starting to get some ideas of how our kitchen will look like. My dream kitchen will be contemporary style: modern and minimalist. My fiance on the other hand, love wood stuff, ala balinese. Since we'll be living in a condo, space is definitely an issue. But, if given the right design arrangement and utilization, can turn out to be super hawt!

Pictures taken from

Chic! Love the colors and glass counter. My fiance pun ada mention to add a breakfast counter. This will be perfect!
Ni macam ultra modern style. Great for small space..White paint definitely makes the space looks bigger.

Ah..yang ni funky style.. I love the idea of putting a blackboard there.. Fun kitchen!

Neat and clean.. something I'll consider, dari segi layout and space utilization.. :)

Still looking for design that fits our budget. Might put Ikea stuff on the list, hope they have something that tickles our fancy!


  1. our house kitchen cabinet adalah lebeh kureng mcm the last one.cuma bukan bentuk L la..cuma part yg dekat sinki tu je ade.Yea,since we'll be living in a condo too,space tak banyak.haih, tak sabar nak dok umah sendiri neh :)

  2. I like that one too.. :) pun tak sabar nak dok umah sendiri.


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