Thursday, March 26, 2009

Furniture for Our Living Room

Dear Readers,
Been busy these few days, scouting for furnitures for our living room. Sambil tu bukak jugak la website for interior design for space layout and ideas..
Paling best kat Midvalley, go to the second floor.. you'll have all of the home and living stores waiting to be raid.. Cellini, Lorenzo, Abitex .. wah ni sume ni designer brands. Memang berangan kuat aku ni. hehe
Cellini, I fell in love with their black sofa set. and also their love seat. black and red really is a great combo, doncha think? *cuma harga je out of our budget.. hehe*

Cool kan?
Lorenzo.. Right now ada Sale, kalau Sale kat Lorenzo you can get until 80%! Very nice leather sofa designs and also dining table set..

Nih, boss tgh test keempukan sofa
I've got my eyes set on this sofa. Sangat comfy and will look great in our living room. after discount, we can afford this, right dear? hehe.. the problem is yang tinggal only sucky color..If opt for different fabric and material we won't get the same price anymore..

We're also considering IKEA and IKANO stuff, skrg tgh go thru their catalogue. They got nice design but maybe we'll buy wardrobe and bedset. *sangat suka yang open concept wardrobe, tapi takut nnt dusty pulak baju2 ku.. hmmm*

I read forums just to get respond and feedback from buyers. And thru my readings dapat la few tips... Tips yang penting:

1) Dont buy from Red Apple, La Cafa, Mode Studio, Winter ( all in the same management).. I read in horror the victims' experience. Delivery problem, Quality not the same as display unit, poor after sales.. to name a few.

2) Please check the quality and ask many questions,..Now this is where the local brand and imported brand comes into consideration. Very subjective, you'll get what you pay for.But somehow I know there must be a place i can buy good quality furnitures with affordable price.. *must*keep*looking*

I also read about desigva here.. more to interior design and modern concept. Perfect!.. must pay a visit to their showroom at Mont Kiara this weekend.

Ciao bella!


  1. cantek je..mane nak dpt ikea punye catalog eh..

  2. myheart... boleh je google ikea catalogue kat internet,for latest one..

  3. seronok je shopping brg rumah. at the moment me & my fiancee just focus with our kenduri je. rumah after marriage lum jumpe lg lah. still searching. cane nak bli furniture. :(

  4. fad..don't worry..slow2, i nye wedding lambat lagi, so bleh la nak tgk2 brg rumah dulu. :)

  5. serious ke lorenzo ade sale? kt mane ye?

  6. yes, lorenzo midvalley tgh sale..GP sale katanya. until 5th April. Jom

  7. Assalamualaikum

    Azie! Bahiyah nih. Ingat tak?

    dok blog hop pastu terjumpak ur blog and u are getting married this Oct eh?Congratulation!

    I tried to email you tapi fail lah..take care :)

  8. wsalam..bahiyah.
    Thank you! nak email ker? heheh email tuh dummy jer..:p
    Anyway, great to hear from you and take care osso lah! :)

  9. aah
    kasi la email
    senang skit nak bersembang nanti

  10. ahah..nah email ni..aziriahhazrin(add)yahoo. sila add saya ihihi


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