Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change of Plans

Dear readers,
It's 200+ days to go..but so much things to do..

The news came in yesterday. My fiance will be based here in Malaysia instead of Kuwait. Because of working permit and also the company needs him here to take care of new projects nearer to home. Thank God! Tak perlu lah lagi berjauhan.. hehe.. Now we need to sit down and discuss our plans. His new house at Bukit Jalil baru je siap, he'll stay there until we get married. At the meantime, tgh sibuk2 nak plan renovation to the house. Pasang kitchen cabinet, lampu, aircond bagai.

OK, add that to the list that will keep us busy from now..Whatever it is, I'm just ecstatic knowing that he'll be here with me. (^___^)V eventhough things might swerve the other way round from what we initially planned..

Yesterday, we stayed up late, buat layout for our wedding card.Pilih surah, Chose this picture as the cover.. credit to Encik Armi :)

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