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Bachelorette's Party @ Hen Night

No..this is definitely not my list

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Useful tips I found from

What are some classier options for girls who don’t want strippers and alcohol? *cough*that would be me*cough

Some of the most popular new top class activities include:-

A glamorous weekend away at a boutique hotel with lots of pampering. Try a hotel with its own day spa attached to the property for the ultimate luxury.
Cantek gak tu, spa beramai2 sambil gosip.. Any good recommendation of spa?

High Tea – think three tier cake stands and little sandwiches for a sophisticated Hens Night. There are lots of fab bars and restaurants that do this now.
Terbayang scene desperate housewives season lama, Bree invite the ladies to a high tea just to annouce she's engaged.

Cocktail classes are starting to crop up too. This is a great way to have some fun and learn a few tricks and have the bar to yourself for a bit. Then best of all you get to enjoy the results of your lesson!
Boleh disubstitute dengan pastry class..maybe, choc moist cake or lemon meringue

Make Up And Pamper Parties – This is great idea for some girly bonding. And it’s all in the one place so it’s perfect. Organize a therapist to come to your venue and spend the evening knee deep in manicures, facemasks and massages.Decorate your house with the colours of love: pink and silver, topped with heart balloons, table confetti and party banners.
Sounds heavenly.. :)

Pole Dancing Weekend

An Evening with A Tarot Card Reader – Find a reputable tarot card reader to join you and the girls for an evening of readings and predictions.

Who pays for the Hen’s Night?
The general rule of thumb is that the girls attending the Hen’s Night pay for themselves and the bride to be. The bride to be has the huge expense of the upcoming wedding and everything that entails so a great opportunity to treat her.

What activities recommended?
One fun activity is a quiz to see how well the bride knows her husband to be and vice versa. Email the groom before the Hen’s Night with a list of questions similar to the ones on the movie Green Card! i.e. Favourite Food, Perfume/Aftershave, Film, Most embarrassing experience etc or How they met?Then at the Hen’s Night ask the girl the questions in front of the gang and see how well she knows her hubby to be!

How far before the wedding should we have the hen’s night?
Generally a couple of weeks before the wedding is a good idea. This gives the bride to be some time out before the big day to relax and have fun. Definitely would not recommend the night before the wedding … a hung over bride with bags under her eyes and dull, de-hydrated skin is not a good look

Top 5 things to take
-An autograph book or similar to fill with marriage tips for the bride.
-Disposable cameras, with flash, to catch the action.
-Condoms, Courgettes, Coins (for games).
-Some form of headgear for the bride.


  1. sape yg organize, sile jmpot saya ok..hehehe

  2. 'm goin to a spa with my girlfriends this weekend..yay!!!eh btw, spa itu kt ampang..check it out

  3. kalau takde org organize, maka saya organize sendiri la.. muahahha...mari berhen night bersama2

    BTB.. great...nnt u leh share the outcomes yup.. i'm craving for a good spa.. takyah tunggu hen night. :)

  4. Where can I purchase this pole dance invite?

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