Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Akad Nikah Masjid Shah Alam

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mom and Dad yang Super Cute

Dear readers,

Want to share something funny that happened just now..

My fiance datang rumah after his round of lepak with his buddies.. Masa tuh me and my parents were in the kitchen, them watching kung fu movie and me main internet. We discussed bout our wedding theme colours and plan for Chore's and Gel's wedding this week.

I show them this blog for the first time, and boy, were they excited to read it.. haha.. untuk informasi, my parents ni bukan lah IT savvy sgt, lebih2 lagi my mom tu.. dia ada email my brother buatkan, tapi tak pernah bukak..sia2 je forward macam2 kat dia..hehe

So, I tunjuklah the pictures, the posts, the wedding tickers and all..semangat je diorg nak tau semua
Masa hantar my fiance sampai pintu time dia nak balik, i gi dapur, my parents dah chotchet2 dua org..

Dad: Macammana ni nak gi next entri ni? *click butang next blog*
Me: Eh, ayah tekan apa tu, bukan la..itu nak tgk blog org lain.. tekan back.. tekan sinilah.. older post or next post..
Dad: Ohh..
Mom:Yang Ini ke facebook2 yg korg dok sebok2 tu?
Me: Tak.. ini blog. Macam Raja Petra, Khir Toyo pun ada blog, semua org boleh buat blog. Facebook tuh lain.. *tak tau nak explain macammana*
Mom: Ohh..
Dad: Isy tak nampak la, ayah tak pakai spec *muka dah 2 inch from the screen, sambil click2 lagi butang navigasi yg lain* Eh, ada gambar ayah la..tgk ada org comment apa2 tak?

My parents while we were vacationing in Gold Coast last year

P/S: Congrats to my cousin Chore for his solemnization last weekend! Welcome to the family Kak Chore.. pictures on the way.. !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bachelorette's Party @ Hen Night

No..this is definitely not my list

Dear readers,

Useful tips I found from http://www.hens.com.au/

What are some classier options for girls who don’t want strippers and alcohol? *cough*that would be me*cough

Some of the most popular new top class activities include:-

A glamorous weekend away at a boutique hotel with lots of pampering. Try a hotel with its own day spa attached to the property for the ultimate luxury.
Cantek gak tu, spa beramai2 sambil gosip.. Any good recommendation of spa?

High Tea – think three tier cake stands and little sandwiches for a sophisticated Hens Night. There are lots of fab bars and restaurants that do this now.
Terbayang scene desperate housewives season lama, Bree invite the ladies to a high tea just to annouce she's engaged.

Cocktail classes are starting to crop up too. This is a great way to have some fun and learn a few tricks and have the bar to yourself for a bit. Then best of all you get to enjoy the results of your lesson!
Boleh disubstitute dengan pastry class..maybe, choc moist cake or lemon meringue

Make Up And Pamper Parties – This is great idea for some girly bonding. And it’s all in the one place so it’s perfect. Organize a therapist to come to your venue and spend the evening knee deep in manicures, facemasks and massages.Decorate your house with the colours of love: pink and silver, topped with heart balloons, table confetti and party banners.
Sounds heavenly.. :)

Pole Dancing Weekend

An Evening with A Tarot Card Reader – Find a reputable tarot card reader to join you and the girls for an evening of readings and predictions.

Who pays for the Hen’s Night?
The general rule of thumb is that the girls attending the Hen’s Night pay for themselves and the bride to be. The bride to be has the huge expense of the upcoming wedding and everything that entails so a great opportunity to treat her.

What activities recommended?
One fun activity is a quiz to see how well the bride knows her husband to be and vice versa. Email the groom before the Hen’s Night with a list of questions similar to the ones on the movie Green Card! i.e. Favourite Food, Perfume/Aftershave, Film, Most embarrassing experience etc or How they met?Then at the Hen’s Night ask the girl the questions in front of the gang and see how well she knows her hubby to be!

How far before the wedding should we have the hen’s night?
Generally a couple of weeks before the wedding is a good idea. This gives the bride to be some time out before the big day to relax and have fun. Definitely would not recommend the night before the wedding … a hung over bride with bags under her eyes and dull, de-hydrated skin is not a good look

Top 5 things to take
-An autograph book or similar to fill with marriage tips for the bride.
-Disposable cameras, with flash, to catch the action.
-Condoms, Courgettes, Coins (for games).
-Some form of headgear for the bride.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Furniture for Our Living Room

Dear Readers,
Been busy these few days, scouting for furnitures for our living room. Sambil tu bukak jugak la website for interior design for space layout and ideas..
Paling best kat Midvalley, go to the second floor.. you'll have all of the home and living stores waiting to be raid.. Cellini, Lorenzo, Abitex .. wah ni sume ni designer brands. Memang berangan kuat aku ni. hehe
Cellini, I fell in love with their black sofa set. and also their love seat. black and red really is a great combo, doncha think? *cuma harga je out of our budget.. hehe*

Cool kan?
Lorenzo.. Right now ada Sale, kalau Sale kat Lorenzo you can get until 80%! Very nice leather sofa designs and also dining table set..

Nih, boss tgh test keempukan sofa
I've got my eyes set on this sofa. Sangat comfy and will look great in our living room. after discount, we can afford this, right dear? hehe.. the problem is yang tinggal only sucky color..If opt for different fabric and material we won't get the same price anymore..

We're also considering IKEA and IKANO stuff, skrg tgh go thru their catalogue. They got nice design but maybe we'll buy wardrobe and bedset. *sangat suka yang open concept wardrobe, tapi takut nnt dusty pulak baju2 ku.. hmmm*

I read forums just to get respond and feedback from buyers. And thru my readings dapat la few tips... Tips yang penting:

1) Dont buy from Red Apple, La Cafa, Mode Studio, Winter ( all in the same management).. I read in horror the victims' experience. Delivery problem, Quality not the same as display unit, poor after sales.. to name a few.

2) Please check the quality and ask many questions,..Now this is where the local brand and imported brand comes into consideration. Very subjective, you'll get what you pay for.But somehow I know there must be a place i can buy good quality furnitures with affordable price.. *must*keep*looking*

I also read about desigva here.. more to interior design and modern concept. Perfect!.. must pay a visit to their showroom at Mont Kiara this weekend.

Ciao bella!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfume for hantaran (for him)

Dear readers,

I'm on a perfume hunting for my hantaran. My fiance already bought me Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy. It's in whole set and to my delight, it comes with a lot of freebies. Mascara, 2 makeup bags, eu de toilette miniatures, basic skincares in travel set and a cute notebook. :)
My fiance is currently using Hugo Boss, he looove the perfume, tak habis satu botol lagi dah beli baru. Thought of buying new fragrance for him..just for a change.
Now, there are only 3 perfumes that's on my list (for now)..

Paco Rabane 1 Million.

Packaging yang sangat menarik, I love Paco Rabane perfume so much that i wear Ultraviolet for men satu masa dulu. Hihi... 1 Million smells sweet but some said, its too sweet until its unmasculinely. I really fancy the bottle tho.. mmg cantik atas dulangku.. :)

Dunhill Black

Sampai sekarang masih tercari2 tester for this perfume.. Newly launched and raved to appeal to the iconic English gentlemen. Think Daniel Craig, Clive Owen.. Hmmm... Menarik gak tuh..

Burberry Men by Burberry.
This scent is woody and musky. No need to reapply as it lasts all day long. Yeah, woody is very manly, bau kayu-kayuan.. I heard good reviews for Burberry, my father is a huge fan and I know his taste is impeccable! So, might also consider this one.
Others: Narciso Rodriguez.. Somebody suggested this, boleh la test kat Isetan time lunch hour esok lusa.. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Top 10 Makeups Must Have

Dear readers,

Just want to share what I got from the net.

Top 10 makeup products by Sandy Gold.

1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige

2. YSL Touche Eclat

3. Covergirl Invisible Concealer

4. Laura Mercier Eye Basic- As a base to keep eyeshadow on all day long.

4. Giorgio Armani bronzer

5. YSL Faux CILS Mascara

6. Giorgio Armani eye pencil

7. Natural FX foundation

8. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

9.Giorgio Armani Luminious Foundation

10. Prestige Eyeliner

Most of the items are hard to find in Malaysia unless buy online, but if it is really that good, worth to give it a try.. happy hunting!

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Dear Readers,

I'm starting to get some ideas of how our kitchen will look like. My dream kitchen will be contemporary style: modern and minimalist. My fiance on the other hand, love wood stuff, ala balinese. Since we'll be living in a condo, space is definitely an issue. But, if given the right design arrangement and utilization, can turn out to be super hawt!

Pictures taken from

Chic! Love the colors and glass counter. My fiance pun ada mention to add a breakfast counter. This will be perfect!
Ni macam ultra modern style. Great for small space..White paint definitely makes the space looks bigger.

Ah..yang ni funky style.. I love the idea of putting a blackboard there.. Fun kitchen!

Neat and clean.. something I'll consider, dari segi layout and space utilization.. :)

Still looking for design that fits our budget. Might put Ikea stuff on the list, hope they have something that tickles our fancy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Milestones 6 Months

Dear readers,

I found this on "Rahsia Selebriti Berkahwin Pada Budget RM25000". Bought this book at MPH a while back. I found that there are few tips and tricks that could be applied.. Byg gak la yg menarik.


6 months

- Tentukan jumlah tetamu yang akan hadir dan kira kos. Fikirkan siapa yang boleh dikecualikan daripada jemputan untuk menjimatkan kos
Who? Sudah tentu ex gf dan ex bf. Perlu ke nak jemput? If you ask me.. BIG NO.

Tempah tempat berkahwin. Jika dirumah perlu tempah penyedia katering dan kanopi. Tentukan sekiranya memerlukan sistem bunyi dan karaoke. Teliti betul2 jika jumlah harga yang dikenakan adalah lebih murah jika mengambil perkhidmatan ini secara berasingan dengan katering atau sebagai pakej. Kadangkala harganya lebih mahal jika pihak katering mengupah orang lain dan mengambil sedikit komisyen.
This one at my side dah settle, will hire the same caterer masa bertunang hari tu. Hiburan? Kalau ikut my dad dia nak kumpulan ghazal, org bersilat, lagu asli. Hehehe..Ayah, itu sume nnt kita bincang lagi k.. My and my fiance tgh compile love songs to be played on our wedding. If you got any suggestions, feel free to leave comments..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change of Plans

Dear readers,
It's 200+ days to go..but so much things to do..

The news came in yesterday. My fiance will be based here in Malaysia instead of Kuwait. Because of working permit and also the company needs him here to take care of new projects nearer to home. Thank God! Tak perlu lah lagi berjauhan.. hehe.. Now we need to sit down and discuss our plans. His new house at Bukit Jalil baru je siap, he'll stay there until we get married. At the meantime, tgh sibuk2 nak plan renovation to the house. Pasang kitchen cabinet, lampu, aircond bagai.

OK, add that to the list that will keep us busy from now..Whatever it is, I'm just ecstatic knowing that he'll be here with me. (^___^)V eventhough things might swerve the other way round from what we initially planned..

Yesterday, we stayed up late, buat layout for our wedding card.Pilih surah, Chose this picture as the cover.. credit to Encik Armi :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hantaran From Me

Dear readers,

Hantaran from my side. tema: alam rimba.. pictures from Munzir Fauzi, my official photog. :)

Ini sirih junjung..namun tidak kelihatan sirih nya, ada bersembunyi di celah2..

Cake from Blooming Cake, I drove all the way to bandar baru selayang to self pick this cake. Mak aiih jauh gila.. They provide home delivery but malas nak tunggu jauh malam.

Cupcakes from Cupcake Chic, The Curve. My first choice was Wondermilk but they were closed under construction. This is totally last minute, could have been better, but anyways.. this is OK..

Chocolate Patchi, dah siap2 wrap.. my favourite is gold bars, yummy!

Strawberry + Wajik ..courtesy from Opah..

Halwa maskat berbentuk bunga


Kain akad nikah dan sampin

Cincin from Diamond and Platinum, bekas cincin pinjam my fiance punya.. :)

Mari berangan epy 3: Kad Kahwin

Dear readers,

Now that my fiance has extended his vacation, saya dah mula susun taktik. This week we'll go see kad kahwin. I have a few on my mind already, kandadinda in Puchong, 1 in Kajang and also 1 in Shah Alam, oh and 1 in Medan Mara as suggested by Qila. :)

What I'm looking for:

Initially, berangan nak tempah kad kawen grand, hard cover and embossed + our pictures some more.. from Bandung. Dah gi survey, the one that fit what i wanted was a bit over our budget. Dan setelah di consult ramai org, better amik kat sini je la, taking into account shipping charges and all, rasa agak tak worth it.. lagipun kad kawen ni nnt org buang2 jugak.

Masa kat Bandung ada 2 tempat dah pergi. Jasmine Invitation card on Jln Cibadak and Etnik Card in Pasar Baru. Miss Linda was really helpful and layan me n my parents dgn sgt baik. She even gave me a sample of this card, which i lovvveee, to take back home with me. :)

Etnik Card also not bad, many great choices..and bapak tuh pun siap buat layout lagi for my card. How sweet of u, bapak..

This weekend ada 1 wedding to attend in Melaka, next weekend is my cousin's wedding in Muar.

We're fully occupied!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hantaran from him

Dear Readers,

Hantaran from him to me.. :)

LV bag... dalam bentuk cake! I just loooveee the details and the look of it. Lovely!

Al-Quran dan terjemahan beserta rehal. Insya-Allah akan rajin membaca. :)

Telekung.. I akan pakai yg ni from now on.

Kain akad nikah cream, with beadings

Jangan tertipu, nampak mcm kek tapi cuma lah bekas, di dalam ada coklat2 yang lazat

Chocolate cake yang di salut aising. Sedap!

Lastly, cincin tunang :) my favourite la, of course.. hehe

I love all of them, they are just perfect..thanks sayang. Muah...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarung cincin time

Dear readers,

My lovely friends sejurus sebelum rombongan lelaki sampai, tatkala ini hujan telah mula turun renyai2- taken from Wynn's cam. Hati2 ya nany.. :p

Merah nye mereka. I like uncle's sampin, sgt comel. Itu tunang saya yg berbaju kelabu

OK, time ni agak cuak la, kelihatan aunty mengalir air mata, syukurlah..semua dah selesai

The Ring.. Love it, tapi masih lagi conscious takut tercalar, so kurangkan sikit pergerakan tangan

With cousins and sister, byk membantu dlm menjayakan majlis, thanks adik2 ku sayang

With cousins and brother yang meluangkan masa datang, albeit the busy schedule. muchas gracias

With total boys..thanks for the great shots. anda memang obses..additional terkini..yang tengah2 tu

My flower girls yang dah tak larat smile for the camera..hahaha..