Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updates! Tunang, and baby news!

Dear readers,

Today is an off day for me, went to see the dentist and also made a few more appointments before my engagement day.

I was so excited to hear from my mom about the latest catering negotiation outcome. My mom is taking care of the catering and canopy. She went to see the boss of and negotiated about the price yesterday. Guess what? We got further discount about 20% from the usual price. Yay! And furthermore, free teh tarik lagi! Thank you Aunty! Moga rezeki and bisness aunty bertambah maju lah..

And I love the canopy they're providing. We'll be renting

1) 2 X Arabian style canopy sith scallop + fan
2) 1 X Banquet table
3) 8 X Round table (each table 10 pax with sarung and i got to choose the color..yay!)
4) Chandelier/fresh flowers

This is the pre arrangement for the canopy but i'm pretty much satisfied with this. From what my mom said, it's lovely.I quote my mom " Tkpelah kita bayar lebih sikit but mmg worth it, top up a bit and you get all this, very big difference you know". Note: My parents memang excited and semangat lebih since I'm the first one yang getting married, so faham2 la ye, kalau kadang2 tu persiapan tunang ni agak not ordinary. I'm the one yang try to tone down whatever I can sampai kadang2 tu ter 'raise' my voice. Sorry mama, I love matter what.

Also, aunty from D Hidang tu gives big thumbs up for Nabies's makeup. She said, mmg cantik kak jue tu makeup, cam natural. That I have to see for myself first. I've made an appoinment to see kak jue for the trial makeup this Saturday. Can't wait!

About my baju tunang, I'm a bit worried. Dah call the taylor but she said latest by end of this month boleh la siap. What?? I expected next week ..Haiihhh.. macam dah lambat, mana lah tau if anything goes wrong, sempat jugak la nak alter kalau baju siap awal kan. Hmm..mungkin juga situasi politik di Perak sekarang ni menyumbang kepada kelewatan baju saya. Ah..tak logik. I'll try to call her and ask if she can prioritize my baju tunang first. Not baju2 from Istana Kinta tu..heheh..lagi tak logik..I'll try to call her again and see if she can push it a bit early. Cross my fingers..

This is my kain- turqoise lace with grey lining.

Even bigger news. Nuurill and Armi is the proud parent of a baby boy! Yesterday she safely delivered at Damansara Specialist around 2pm. Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat, baby and momma is doing fine. I knew it, the baby mesti gorgeous, umur baru 1 hari dah nampak ciri2 handsome boy. Congratulations,dear! Gambar tak diupload lagi, seperti kata nany yang quote Amad..biarlah parents dia yg upload dulu..

Yesterday also, thanks to Dena, I jumpa blog Murni. She's my schoolmate masa kat Jenan and dah lost contact dekat 2 tahun kot.Now bahagia with PG and their little family kat Jepun. I was so excited to find out she's preggers with 2nd baby already, dah nak due pun. Mairaa dah besar, and sangat cerdik! I love to see her in all the videos. Murni, aku suka baca tang ko toilet train kan Mairaa, hehe..and also Mairaa main snow and bebel2 cakap Jepun. Cute betul anak mu itu.

Amik from blog Murni. I love her in this picture!

And everybody, meet Elyas. The chubby baby of Shu and Junod, they're both also my frens from Jenan. Now living in Bristol, UK. Shu, I wish you all the best and let us know bila sampai Malaysia. Boleh buat small gathering..sambil kenal2 ngn aunty2 and uncle2 kat sini, k!

Amik from blog Shu. Isn't he the cutest thing?

Ok, now tgh pening because nak byk amik leave for the coming weeks until my engagement. Luckily ada replacement leave and also sisa2 leave last year..mesti boss ku juga pening tgk leave application ku..ahhahah

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  1. amboi mek maira jadik model plak kat cni. rindu sgt kat ko azie. bestnye ko nye engagement. so happy for u. dpt ku bayangkan betapa excitednye parent ko dr tuan punye badan. congrates dear.
    p/s future husband kamu itu sgt encem. hehehe..

  2. haha..itu lah, mmg mereka excited. kdg2 kelaka pulak aku nengok nye. Maira tu agaknye mesti seronok dpt adik boy.Bestla ko dah ada sepasang.. :) bakal husband saya mesti tgh kembang hidung baca pujian ko ni..hehe

  3. Azie!!aku add link ngko ek?..

    By the way..Selamat bertunang!!!

  4. Busu, thanks! mana2 yg rasa boleh dibuat guide/iktibar dari coretan ku ini,maka aku berbesar hati. ;)


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