Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 romantic places in the world

Dear readers,

This post is actually dedicated to my fellow colleague, Ong, who is planning on a surprise proposal to his gf, on this V-day. He asked my opinion of the most romantic/suitable place to propose. And I immediately think of KL Tower's revolving restaurant. Apart from the ambience, and condusive environment, the fact that it has magnificent city view from hundreds of metres above sea level (and revolve summore).. girls dig that. So, dengan excitednya, we throw in some ideas on how he should surprise her with the ring. Masuk dalam desert la, masuk kat wine la, tie to a dog la.. but he objected all of that by saying "Haiihh..itu cincin banyak mahal la, nanti scratch atau hilang, mati aku ni". hehe.., I wish him all the best!

This is him trying his best to be "the one"

Now, the top 10 romantic places in the world. Boleh give some idea nak gi honeymoon ke.. *hint* :P You can read more here. Enjoy the pictures!

1. Cairo, Egypt

2. Colmar, France

3. Mauritius

4. Monte Carlo, Monaco

5. New York City, USA

6. Paris, France

7.Prague, Czech Republic

8.Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany

9.Venice, Italy

10.Vienna, Austria

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  1. bestnye kalo dpt honeymoon sekali agi..

  2. umi maira:honeymoon la kat jepun tuh, ajak pg gi okinawa.sunbathing ngan perut besau..kikkiki..

  3. itula, okinawa tak penah sampai agi. dahla selalu ade package murah2 holiday kat sana. teruja betui..

  4. huhuhu...we are saving some money for trip next year.. this year balik tanah air.. next year g jalan2 pulak... nak pergi Cairo!!!..bila lah nak ada rezeki g sana.. kekek.. korang dah pilih tempat honeymoon dah ker?

  5. shu, honeymoon tuh masih lagi dalam perbincangan, dalam kemelut ekonomi ni, rasa nye pergi dekat2 je kot. yg atas2 ni nnt la kumpul2 duit, pergi je honeymoon 2nd time..haha.

  6. Mauritius is pretty good destination in Asia for visiting especially who loves water sports activities that keep the tourists busy and entertained during their vacation.


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