Monday, February 9, 2009

Perfume for Hantaran

Dear readers,

Perfume is among the favourite item for hantaran. For me, what I'm looking for in a perfume is the scent must be flowery, sweet, not too overwhelming but sexy. Plus, the bottle/packaging must be interesting in my eyes.Hmm.. how can I get a perfume that match all these criteria. Sangat particular ya Cik Nariko ni. I've been searching high and low, and shortlisted a few of the candidates.
Candidate 1:

Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui

I was just browsing the perfume counters the other day, and I fell in love with this perfume. This is the new collection from Anna Sui. The bottle design itself pun dah cantik. It fulfill my criteria of flowery,sweet, but not too overwhelming. Dlm banyak2 perfume i test that day, this one really stands out..

Here are some interesting tips i got from their website

Where to spray

1. Think V, spray at left shoulder, next at heart area and finish with right shoulder. Shoulders are in constant movement when you walk, turn or gesture. This allows the fragrance to diffuse gently and continuosly.
2.Think Circle-Surround yourself with scent by spraying inside of wrist and behind each knees. The fragrance disperses with every move.
3. Think Traditional- Spray at the pulse point: Neck, Wrists, behind the knees

Waduh...kok begini, 2 minggu aja, sudah habis perfume nya.. hehe


Get the most from your fragrance. To enhance the scent:
1. Begin with shower gel to softly scent skin all over.
2. Lather on body lotion when skin is a bit moist
3. Finish with the fragrance spray

Candidate 2:

Amazing Grace by Philosophy

Yes, I know..I know.. I've never heard of this brand too. But I read great reviews and a lot of people raved about it. It's claimed to be fresh, clean smell and very lasting..I'm very interested to get this for my hantaran. The bottle design biasa jer, tp takpe lah if its really smells good, i tak kisah..But then, just in case, I'll work on getting the samples before deciding to get the entire set. Yelah, different people, different nose, nnt hidungku ini tak suka ke, bazir je beli kan..

Candidate 3:

Incanto by Salvatore Ferragamo

Incanto collection is a real hit with the brides to be. Maybe because of its elegant and sexy smell. I got a set from my boyfriend, he bought Incanto Charms for me in Kuwait, when it was on Sale. I know Sophie got one for her birthday. Itu pasal i rasa cam pernah nampak je bottle ni, syg. Love it!

I won't mind getting the whole set especially Incanto Shine yg sexy itu. *smiles*

Candidate 4:

Touch of Pink by Lacoste

This one has been my personal favourite. I've bought a set and used it sehingga titisan terakhir. The smell very subtle and fresh. Macam bau just get off the shower and lasting. Highly recommended!

So there you are, my wish list..for hantaran perfume.. I'll add more to this list, if got interesting findings..

Happy Thaipusam Everyone, enjoy this one day break!

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  1. can i suggest sean john unforgivable for women, pls? it smells like heaven ;)seriously!

  2. ok babe..will definitely check that out, hari2 lalu je sebelah counter pdiddy tu but x pernh try..hehe thanks k!

  3. tolong semua.diminta jgn suggest byk2 yer..berpeluh saya... hehehe :P
    Baby,hubby dah check anna sui, takde kat sini..yg salvatore ferragamo and lacoste ade..i've bought for you the other day yang charms suka shine ke..nanti i check out the price ok n we compare dgn malaysia.
    love you..mmmmmuuuuaaxxxxxxx

  4. All of items frm Anna Sui are adorable..
    u know, barbie doll concepts....
    sungguh comel...
    but tak penah try lagi

  5. Yup..I agree..and then dah tanya diorg, if beli 1 set including body wash and lotion, boleh dapat free 6 or 7 piece of makeup (travel set) and 2 bag kecik cam pouch yg super cute!


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