Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nariko's Concern: Guest List

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, we managed to sort out our guest list for the engagement and send the invitation via Facebook and also SMS. It was a big relief since we've been planning and discussing on who to invite and screen the names to fit the numbers. To those who didn't get the invites, I'm truly sorry. But, don't worry, you'll get the invites to our kenduri kahwin. :) I sit down and discussed with my parents and it seems that they have quite a big number on their list too. Oh, Well.. this is one of the dillema you'll face to plan majlis bertunang..

Me: Mama..please..don't invite too many of your friends..remember..this is not the actual wedding, baru bertunang je..
Mama: Takpelah Jay, uncle L mmg kena jemput nanti dia merajuk. Auntie S, Auntie T, Makcik M wajib, sbb nanti diaorg nak tolong masa kenduri, bla bla..
Me: *Straight face*

And there you have it..panjang betul list. I can't say much since as I said, this is the first ceremony in the family and also I want them to be happy too..So kenalah give and take kat sini.

Today, is my off day and I'm waiting for my Mom to be home. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip of a boy who just had his first dentist visit experience.Hillarious! Must watch!

Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. huwaaa, aku ko taknak jemput ka.. nak pegi jugakk!!

  2. haaa..itu maksudnya kena balik malaysia tahun ni. bulan 10 eh..yg tunang ni for sure la tak sempat, cik kak. :)

  3. hehehe, saje jek tu coz aku dah terbayang2 lauk2 yg ko list kat entry before ni, yummy yummy.. bulan 10 ek, tak tau lagi nak balik bln bape tahun ni. mintak2 dpt gi ko nye big day. byk sgt terlepas kenduri kawen neh..


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