Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nariko's Concern - Eye bag @ Dark Circle

Dear readers,

One of the perks of working in the vicinity of a shopping complex is, I got to mengular to the shops time lunch hour like everyday! *evil laugh* My favourite pitstop would be Guardians or Watsons. Don't know why, I love to shop here, seems like all the products macam menarik hati ku.

Today I singgah SASA, looks like ada sale, I'm so lucky..sempat la beli barang2 bukan keperluan. Contohnya Hair Spray ini, Catwalk Curls Rock dgn tagline Curls need it. Dapat 10% off, dan juga ini, b-liv by cellniq untuk remove blackheads. Ini pun dpt less. Sangat famous ini product OK, telah direcommend oleh Cik Bibah, yang telah direcommend oleh Cik Elsa. Thank you, biar saya try dulu keberkesanannya.

OK, my major concern right now is my eyebag@ puffy eyes. I've tried a lot of products yang mahal2 sampai la yg murah, but still it doesn't really show the effect.I noticed i had a very thin skin especially around eye area. Whenever i had late nights, it will definitely show the next morning. Oh, well.. I hope I can get rid of it eventually, or at least reduce it.

These are the tips to reduce eyebags dari bahan pembacaan saya

1) Avoid drinking water 1 or 2 hours before you go to sleep
2) Try to cut off salty food because it will cause water retention
3) Drink carrot juice/tomato juice as much as you can. They are loaded with Vitamin A.
4) Drink more water 8-10 glasses per day
5)Try to get enough sleep 7 to 8 hours a day
6)Take a bath with cold water daily to improve blood circulation- Err..Ini macam susah nak buat jer hehe
DIY at home: Cut a couple of fine slices of cucumber and get the juice out of it. Don't remove the skin. Add a toublespoon or 2 of lemon juice and apply the mixture to your dark circle. Wash it after 10 minutes. Ini mesti cuba!
8)Or else,if these don't work, go for plasic surgery. That is, if you don't mind being under the knife!

That's it, to those who suffer the same issue, happy trying!

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  1. itu cellnique memang bagus, sesuai dgn kulit org asia, if u find tht ur skin bcome oily its ok, cos it makes all ur oils come out so that it wont block ur pores.thn pasal ur eye bag tu plak, bcos my sis got panda eyes, we realised everytime pakai product lg teruk jadinya, just ensure u hav enuf rest jgn letak krim or everytng.untung2 ur eye bag jenama LV apa hhuhuhu, i got 2 LV (everyday carry bwh mata kan)

  2. Owh cik Nariko..
    Menariks sungguh tips-tips di atas ini..
    Saya mesti cuba.
    Tapi no.5 tu lepas ni seems kureng possible sket la kot i nak buat.
    Atenyer, every 2 hours kene bf.. hehe

  3. Elsa: Haha..nnt la aku letak logo LV bawah mata ku ini. Stylo! Eh btw, aku ada gambar kau meramas perut sasha dengan muka nakal, dun mind if i post it here?

    Momma: Itu lah, masaelah dunia ni, poning den pikir.Mari lah kita sama2 mencuba dan lihat hasil nya..

  4. post jak....aku mmg camtu..sinchan..


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