Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mari berangan epy 2: Bed Ensemble

Dear readers,

Let's venture our soulful mind to the place where *magical things* happen. ;) I've talked to my Mom about this and pretty sure we're gonna get a set of new bedsheet for the engagement. Not too fancy, I prefer just simple design but stylish enough. I've been a fan of Aussino and can't really think of other places to shop.

Yes, i've browse through the more "conventional" bed sheet style by googling "cadar pengantin" and such. Tapi resultnya rata2 not my type. I mean..come on..the ropol2, manik2 thingy, sangat tak praktikal pada hemat saya. At least yang ni boleh terus digunapakai. :)

I've found these images from Aussino's website. and also Bed,Bath and Beyond (Don't think they have an outlet here, but they are big in the States..or at least in the movie 'Click' hehe)

This is how i imagine my bed ensemble looks like for the engagement. Simple saja tapi kemas design nya. Thumbs up!

Yang ni pun cantik but a bit different la, dan saya juga tertarik dengan curtain dia. Sungguh Stylo..

This one looks sophisticated. Nampak matured..And the material looks so comfortable tambahan lagi kalernya cream natural, senang nak fit with curtains yang sedia ada.

This one ada touch of girlie side. Sesuai juga la, boleh match with my room colour. Macam ada element silk yang selesa.

I like this one. Polyester comforter always been my favourite. Simple je, but the colour is very rich.

Ini cumalah angan2 saya, tp kalau dapat yang exactly like this, alhamdulillah. :)

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  1. Err..excuse my noobie question as i'm not well versed in all these stuff.

    but an engagement doesn't warrant you a bed ensemble. correct me if i am wrong but you wouldn't be using that on that day.


  2. en buih...oh yes..not necessary to get a new bed ensemble. Tapi saya berangan je..heehee.. but in my view, just a simple new sheet would never hurt, to get a fresher outlook to the room. :)

  3. oh ye eh.

    kalau macam tu, saya pilih set no 2 atau no 4.

    Sebab dalam gambar dua set tu, ada awek sekali.

    Set2 lain tu ade katil je. takde awek. boring.

    saya nak bagi stiker* la kat cik nariko nih. bagi lah alamat surat menyurat pada

    saya bagi untuk En Sapet sekali.

    *takut abih ah.


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