Friday, February 20, 2009

Hand Bouquet for the Big Day

Dear readers,
Fresh flowers may be costly but given the correct choice of flowers and in certain amount, it will create a whole different atmosphere to its surrounding. White lillies, Roses, bunga harum sundal malam (jangan igt pontianak je ada nama ni) are some of my favourite dari segi bau dan rupa bentuk..To save cost, DIY is the way to go.. :)
Nah, silakan lihat arrangement hand bouquet from fresh flowers which I think is lovely!

White calla lillies with orchids. Perfect choice for simple ensemble.

For the love of daisies..

This is something unique..Pink French Tulips with globe thistle

I think this is carnation flower. Cool?

Eskimo roses, white are just classic!

Love this one too..Red roses with diamond studs.

Blue hydrangeas and gardenia. Love the colour choices..

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  1. yeah me tooo.classic, elegant..mane nak dapat syg!ade kt msia camtu?

  2. go with the lillies. i like lillies. lillies smells nice.

  3. favs too..reminds me of my childhood. :)

  4. only a week until your wedding! what is the 3 type of flower in that last picture. thanks!

  5. Only 7 days until the big day! You must be thrilled. I love the last bouquet in your post. What is the 3rd flower? The small 5 petal one. Thanks!

  6. hi dana... unforch.. i'm not too sure about it either.. the pictures are those that i googled. but what i can tell is, they put a stud to the flower.

    good luck for your wedding prep too!


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