Saturday, February 7, 2009

Deeper Conversation

This post is dedicated to my boyfriend..

Dear Syg,
I'm really blessed to have such a wonderful life, even it is not perfect.. I won't change it for the world. I'm thankful to the God Almighty for the rezeki, for the health, wonderful family..for giving me a chance to meet and know you, my soon to be fiance.
I can't wait to start a new chapter in my life with the person I love, who adores me and always finds me amusing in a lot of ways. I'm blessed that you truly accepted my flaws and embrace it whole-heartedly. I'm touched that you cared about me in your own way even at times i find it too much until it's overwhelming.I'm glad that we missed each other so much until it doesn't even makes sense. I'm thankful that with each minute passing by, I love you even more.
I pray to Allah that He will make things easier for us, jauh kan segala yang tak elok dan dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik. Amin...

With Mr Ramesh and Bee yoon di hadapan ofis

Sempena hari kebangsaan Kuwait yang ke berapa ni?

I dedicate this song to you, sayang. Thanks to Dena yang introduce me to this song , and this talented lady.. Deeper conversation by Yuna

"Will you still love me in the morning?
Forever ever and ever babe"

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  1. touched..almost nk terjatuh towel ni (im reading this entry just after abes shower)hehehehe..jgn risau syg..semuanye akan berjalan as what we want ok..myb even you sgt2.i'm lucky to have you..hugs& ever faraway, i will always love you..(lyrics lagu nih :P)

  2. Owh..i pun terharu.
    Rasa nak suh jer Armi tulih mcm ni kat i..:)
    Tapi Armi cakap dia tau tulis surat rasmi jer..

    Hari dinanti makin tiba..
    Sure you dub dab dub dab kan?

  3. heheh..skali skala feeling lebih.

    momma: I excited tapi berdebar2 gak la.Hope semuanya berjalan lancar..anyway my sis nampak u n armi kat sunway semlm,tp tak sempat nk gi tegur.. dia kata wah..besar betul perut kak nuril tuh kan..i ckp aah..dah nak due anytime tu.. hehe

  4. :)
    Kebesaran nyer mmg amat nyata.
    Tambahan semalam i pakai dress pregnant yg mmg menonjolkan ape yg ada..hahaha

    Insya Allah, everything will be fine, dear.
    One thing for sure, you gonna be the most gojas princess on earth on that day.


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