Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate for Hantaran

Dear readers,

Today I intentionally took my own sweet time during lunch hour, pergi test makan chocolate Patchi. (Kena bayar ye..bukan free). Patchi is very famous and the top pick for hantaran, that's what I've heard..

The shop is located at GF Midvalley, next to Starbucks. I managed to scout around the tiny shop and learnt that:-

a) Pricewise of course it is more expensive compared to the conventional choice Ferrero Rocher.
b) Originated from Lebanon
c) They provide gorgeous packaging and with lots of styles. (boxes,glass,silverware) boleh juga if nak beli loose chocolates.

I got these images from their website

Gotta love the packaging...neat!

Ideal for normal gift/birthday present also can.. cough2.. :p

Looks exclusive, no?

Ini boleh kasi makan satu kampung

Also, my favourite choc, Hershey's provide these gift set. But not sure its available in stores, maybe kena order online di sini

Too cute..ada just married tag...awwww

Amik ko..besar gile

I looveee this one too, milk chocolate card .

Ah..everyone got a sweet tooth.. or two...:P

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  1. ha br dpt post comment kat cni. dah 2,3 hari tak dpt post coz word verification tu takmo kuar. sedih mak buyung ni tau n lagi sedih tgk pic chocolate terliur dah ni nk mkn. kene kuar pi beli 2,3 balang neh..

  2. haha..bukan mak buyung je yg terliur..aku pun sama. geram je tgk coklat byk2. tapi bila tgk rhega nye, telan ayaq liuq je la..


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