Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome aboard 2009!

Dear readers,

Happy new year everyone! Do I have a new year resolution? I just made up a few in my head just now. Be more conscious of my health, (more vegies please, cut down sugar), minimize credit card usage (evil!) and learn how to cook char kuey teow. Achievable? Definitely! :)

This year will be a great year for me and my boyfriend. We'll be getting engaged on 7th March 2009 and hopefully tie the knot (bernikah) on 9th October 2009. A lot of my friends are planning to get hitch this year too. To name a few: Qila, KN, PakWan and Hazel

I know some people think that I planned my engagement and wedding very early. Yes, but being me, I love to plan ahead of time.Furthermore, I'm preparing for both sides since my boyfriend is in a faraway land.

For me, its a blessing cause I actually have time to compare prices, doing my research of things that tickle my fancy and also shopping for stuff when its on Sale! I did my hantaran shopping in Singapore last month when it was Great Singapore Sale and believe me, I really saved a lot of money. Year end also is a great time to go wedding ring hunting because most jewelry boutiques had their year end clearance, mega sale up to 70% and such. I also managed to go to Bandung to buy my baju nikah, his baju nikah and browsing the kad kahwin designs. :)

Preparing ahead of time also gives me the casualty of choosing the best wedding boutique. I took my own sweet time browsing the internet, making appoinments with the boutique, looking at their portfolio. Also, when money is an issue, I have ample time to buy my hantaran for him.I'll buy each item that we agreed on by monthly basis, that way I can manage my budget without spending so much in one go.

When my boyfriend and I decided to get married, he prepared an excelsheet of things we need to buy/prepare for our engagement and wedding together with a column for budget,actual price, tentative date and acual date. See, i told you he is a geek. :) but i must say he is really good in this kind of thing (well, this is what he did in the office everyday anyways :p)

Because I miss him extra much today, here are some photos i digged out from my files..tee hee
This is him during his posting in Sudan
This is waayy back before we were an item, i like this shot, he looks cheeky.
No, syg..this is not rockstar-ish enough :p

OH, and I miss these ladies and our groupie sessions! :(
I'm excited to meet with Munzir, our photographer. He is a friend of my boyfriend in high school, I've seen his work and very impressed with it, i'll be visiting his office soon to take a look at his portfolio with my parents. :)

Till then, happy holidays and best wishes for the new year. splat! Hey kids I know where you live!

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