Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Week In A Wrap

Dear Readers,

It has been a crazy crazy week for me. Workwise...I was swarmed with workloads, there has been days I stayed back late just to get all the orders done. Spent nearly 12 hours in the office and that really drained up my energy. Balik rumah je sure flat, takleh bukak mata dah. Daymmnn.. I spoke to the boss and negotiated new working hours la. Start work at 11am until 9pm. :) That way, can escape the horrible jam, but nak carik parking sure bapak susah, the stupid management buat renovation pulak kat level 4 parking, kena berebut la tpt parking pagi2. Now, I gotta think of a place nak letak my Suzi. Hmmm...*blank terus*

On a lighter note, I managed to settle a few major things for the engagement. Yay! I've confirmed with Nabies Collection to set up the mini pelamin and other stuff. Yus, the wedding planner was really sweet. He came to our house to have a look at the space and negotiated the price. My mini pelamin will look something like this. and I personally asked to put more fresh flowers to the setting. He also take a look at my room and will decorate it with simple bouquet of flowers, and the same goes to the stairs. Makeup and accessories will be part of the customized package..He did recommend me to hire Nurul Shukor, and Sue Cantik for more dazzling look, but of course la kan, harganya pun dazzling jugak la. nevermind, yg biasa2 pun cukupla, janji jgn la tempek tebal sgt sudah. And all this came with a really reasonable price. Was quite relieved that the price didn't shoot up the roof.. *smiles*

We confirmed our photographer for the event too. Munzir Fauzi from mzrsolutions. Me and my parents went to his studio in Seksyen 7 to take a look at his work. Of course I already googled his fotopages beforehand, and was really impressed with his shots. He did prepared a quotation for all 4 events. (Bertunang, Bernikah+Bersanding+Bertandang) complete with videography, storybook and sticky album. And it doesn't come with a cheap price tag but I don't mind to pay more for the photography because for me it is really important to get a good photographer to capture the most important moments in my life. :)

Here are a few of his photos that i like.

And, I just came back from Ipoh. I did my baju tunang fitting and design at ShanLyn. For bertunang, I opt for kurung moden, with beadings. I already bought the fabric when it was on sale last november. Not to say the price is cheap but then, I fell for the softness of the lace, colour and the corak bunga. The lace is bright turqoise and coupled with grey satin lining. The veil will be grey chiffon patched with the same lace. Tak sabar tunggu ia siap! :) Had a great time catching up with cousins and aunts..Did a round of karaoke session with them before went back home. My sis the undisputed family singer asyik kena suruh nyanyi. hehe..Tulah sapa suruh suara sedap. Owh, my bf can sing too, he'll fit perfectly in the family. Awesome Blossom!

With Uyah, pandai gelek dangdut budak kecik ni

My Sis Ika and Wawa

With Lina

Tomorrow I plan to go to Bloomingcake but, will call them first, hopefully they'll be in, sibuk manjang je kak ros tu.. OK. Signing off for now. Good night!

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