Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Cakes

Dear readers,

Wedding cake is one of the important elements in a wedding. Upacara potong cake selalunya ditunggu2 oleh para jemputan, walaupun akhirnya tak dapat merasa pun kek tu. Nowadays, the trend has moved to cupcakes bertingkat, and some people prefer pulut kuning bertingkat. Either way, depends on citarasa pengantin lah. But for me, i prefer a classic wedding cake.

I came across this website http://www.bloomingcake.com/ while browsing the internet. It dawns upon me that this couple who owns the store is one of the prominent wedding cake maker in the country. (Erra,Ning and Mawi were among their customers) Looking into the website, you can find very creative designs of wedding cakes and it is categorized in a price range that suits whatever your budget is. How cool is that?

For my engagement, I'll be ordering one from them, I already have an eye for one of their cakes. :)
Here are some sample:

Pretty, eh?
For them cupcakes fans, feast your eyes...you can also click here and find other links to more cupcakes and pastries website. http://sugarandpaste.blogspot.com/

Finally, this weekend i'll be heading to Ipoh to do my baju tunang fitting and all. Fabric is ready since last November, just that didn't have the time to send it to the taylor.

Ciao Miao

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