Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sari Yanti's Nikah + Wedding

Dear Readers,

I got these pictures from Lopz, of Sari Yanti's wedding in Pilah last weekend. She's a gorgeous bride, aspiring actress and happened to be.. Yo's (Farah's bf's) cousin. Thought of sharing it here.. enjoy these pictures!

p/s: I'm not sure of certain things, I'll just highlight on the stuff that caught my eyes ;)

This would be the nikah part. Notice the head accessory, cantik kan? reminds me of Alana " Girl from tomorrow" Not sure anyone remembered the show, but it was certainly my favourite! Didn't missed a single episode. And the kurung is something like Lynda Rahim's collection, can't confirm that, but it is similar to the style.

Wah, siap berpurdah..

This must be the bersanding part. Love her dress and her hand bouquet!

Makeup pun cantik. Au naturel..

Ahah! Caught you, Farah. Yang memegang peranan bagi bunga, ke bagi bunga telur..sila jelaskan.

Not sure what this is for, tempat duduk2 sementara menunggu pengantin lelaki tiba?

Pelamin for bersanding

This is cool..something new..tak tau apa fungsi nya, nak kata pelamin, mcm kot..2nd pelamin perhaps.. but still i like it!

Meriah kan? All in all, i think the bride looks sgt cantik.

Love the deco and flowers!

Nicely done :)

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