Monday, January 26, 2009

Location For Akad Nikah + Hantaran Update

Dear readers,

Just got back yesterday from my SP+Penang trip. Marvelous! I almost forgot how tasty the food is at our northern side of the country plus way cheaper there. :) It has been a great weekend, stuffed my tummy with good food and also bincang2 pasal my engagement with the rest of the clan.

Today i went out with my parents, out and about Shah Alam. We visited che puan to see the hantaran and then bincang2 sikit throw in some ideas before she starts to do our hantaran. I drove my Swift with mom in front and ayah kat belakang. Cute je my dad yg big size tuh duduk belakang with seat belt. Nasib baik tak amik gambar, kalau tak sure dah post sini..hehe

So here is the contoh of hantaran that is ready for other customer, mine use the same only that it will be with silver based colour and turqoise flowers.

And look at this cutie, che puan's cat. Reminds me of Eric, our kitty yg died of a freak accident 12 years ago. RIP Eric :(

In the car, we also discussed about the location of nikah. Dalam dilema ni nak pilih masjid ke rumah. Personally, i prefer masjid sebab:-

1) Nikah ni tuntutan agama, lebih afdal jika lokasi nya di rumah Allah, lebih diberkati hendaknya.
2) Nama pun 'mendirikan masjid'
3) I always love senibina masjid yang indah

But then, my bakal tunang has his own opinion. He listed out pros and cons nikah di masjid. Takpelah, we discuss more about this later k sayang. I had Masjid Shah Alam on my mind kalau nak nikah kat masjid. Simply because it is one of the most amazing mosque in Malaysia and dekat dgn our house.

Here is some snap shots of the mosque and a ceremony held there.

Okay, that's it for now. bye!

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  1. hye nariko..
    cantklah bks hantaran nih..
    nih u pnyer desgn hantaran for nikah eyh?
    nice2...mner blh dapat ini bks hantaran yg cute?

  2. hi, this is for my tunang baru2 ni, nikah tak plan lagi..:) U cn rent this at a shop near plaza masalam, shah alam.


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