Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Well Do You Know Your Partner

Dear Readers,

I remembered this game I played with Acad and Sophie, sometime ago. It's something that test you on how well do you know your partner. As per Sophie, the questions are not your general type of question, but it's something that you encountered everyday but often mislooked, Don't worry if you haven't got all the answers right,it just show how much you pay attention to all the littlest details. :)

The game is easy, someone needs to ask these questions separately to a couple. And compare the answers given and see if it matches with the correct answer.

The questions are
1) What is your partner's IC number (See if (s)he memorize this by heart :) )
2) What is your partner's parents FULL NAME. Together with the bin or binti
3) What is your partner's shoe size?
4) What is your partner's pant size?
5) What is your partner's parents car plate number?
6) When is your partner's birthday and where ( The hospital name please )
7) How many A's did your partner get for his/her UPSR/PMR/SPM?
8) What is the FULL NAME of your partner's siblings?

These are just example of the questions. Try this with your friends, it will be fun.!

Anyway, these are a few photos from Sapet's recent posting in Sudan.

I detected him being conscious a bit, ala2 control because he knows i wll put this in my blog. HEHE.. love you!

Gotta go..I'm gonna fetch Ika from her netball match now. Muahs

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