Thursday, January 15, 2009

Designer Shoes for Hantaran

Dear readers,

For part of the hantaran (kasut), I did my shopping in Singapore last month. I went straight to the Manolo Blahnik boutique located at Hilton International,Orchard Road. I must say there are plenty of designs that caught my eyes, there is even one that's almost perfect. It is black velvet heels with gorgeous metallic straps that could pass as gelang kaki. It was on sale but even after less, it is still out of our budget..I knew it! i have already braced myself for this. Takpelah dapat jugak try a few, and snap pictures nak sedapkan hati sendiri

With my sisters, and dad..and maklang at far left, depan manolo blahnik butik.

I tried on a pair, but uh-uh...this one not my style

Ini gambar hiasan masa dalam bas, that's my brother, tgh sms awek dia.

I ended up buying a pair of Guess shoes that match my handbag for hantaran (which I already bought earlier) :) I love the design because its classic and definitely practical *smiles even wider dan x sabar nk pakai*

Girls have always dreamt of owning a designer shoe, and guess what? this is the perfect timing to hunt for one! But to get a designer shoe for hantaran, kena pester your other half a bit la, since harganya kurang murah..haha :p But if you have the extra money, why not go for Stuart Weintzman, Jimmy Choo, Vessace,Christian Louboutin ..just to name a few. Here are some that I like, enjoy the view!

Salvatore ferragamo.. love the colour




gucci, simple but elegant..cantik!

manolo blahnik


gucci , ah my kasut for hantaran looks exactly lke this :)



manolo, tres chic! I want my wishlist already.. hhehe

manolo, gorgeous!


Christian Louboutin, sweetttt!

Christian Louboutin

*Eyelashes battling unconsciously* ah, sudah. next year shopping singapore lagi
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  1. Ayat kat atas tu macam nk bagi hint tuh "Takpelah dapat jugak try a few, and snap pictures nak sedapkan hati sendiri"...:P
    Siap ade gambar lagi kat depan kedai..adeh poning kopalo den... hehehe...


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