Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congratulations ET and Amirul, and my baju nikah :)

Dear Readers,

What a lazy Sunday this is. Woke up, had Lontong for breakfast (yummy!) Played PS3 with my brother and then only took my bath.. hehe. Best kan? Yesterday I attended ET and Amirul's wedding reception at Dewan Risda. I have known ET through Sophie, and she's like the funniest girl ever. Congrats on your marriage dear! You looked stunning. Ah, I also met with Ceme, my high school buddy, had a chit chat with her and we both agreed on one thing, sekarang ni senang, ada Facebook. Tak contact pun boleh still tau what's going on with everyone. See what internet networking can really do to our lives?

With Teta, Zulfa, Sophie and little Aisya. We're in shades of green. :)

With Nabila and baby Adam.

The kids at the pelamin, pelamin pun cantik, with fresh lilies and also ada bekas air letak lilin2.

The pengantin

Sophie, hey woman, kena meet up la one of this days, tak sempat nak gossip kat sini.

This is their door gift yg i adore. Sgt elegant, bukan? Sarang burung yg ada coklat as telur and it is all edible. Saya sangat sukah!

Maybe considering something like this for my own doorgift :)

Yesterday also, I picked up my baju nikah at the airport. Shika just touched down from Bandung. Semalam la sesi posing2 try baju kat rumah, Amy pun ada buat baju for her annual dinner, so we both sakan la, Ika pulak jadi tukang gelak because it was really funny, man. The dress comes with a corset and a little bit too tight, she can't really move in the dress.Penat gelak kan diri masing2..But mmg cantik la the taylor buat, ala2 cewek Indon.

As for my baju nikah, it is off white with greyish lace. The taylor did a wonderful job with the beadings and design. What I get is:

1) Baju kebaya labuh

2) Kain with small train

3) corset yang super ketat ($#it, I can't gain more weight until October)

4) veil

5) Tudung ada tampal lace kat depan

6) Kasut

Thanks to Shika for recommending the taylor. :)

Today me and Amy supposed to visit my future parent-in-law at their house, because my boyfriend's youngest sister, Marissa just came back from Melbourne. Kebetulan, she is Amy's senior kat STF. But then, terpaksa cancel kerana Amy pulak ada hal. Takpelah, maybe next time.

Okay, happy Sunday everyone, have a good rest before starting a new week tomorrow!
This is a clip from Happyslip about facebook. I love this girl, she's really sweet

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  1. u, tlg tnya di manakah beliau mendapatkan itu? saya juga suka..hihi...

    (kp tetiba bahasa jd mcm ni nih?)

  2. hi there...selamat hari raya! ive been reading ur blog...n i really sukerr ur hantaran for ur tunang...da hiasan...n i would like to knw u wat kat ner? can pls email me at babe!


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