Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chicago Bulls *Not related to the infamous basketball team*

Dear readers,

In the spirit of this festive season, our office has organized a workstation decoration competition. My department was not really that excited to do all this, only last minute baru sibuk2 nak hias. (Itu pun sebab takut dapat last place, which is menyahsoikan) Look at this ox i created..made from angpao only, creative kan? haha.. kena puji lagi ngn judges, i call it "the chicago bulls" ala2 kena tema ngn Obama nyer inauguration. ;P The chinese wordings suppose to carry meaning of "spring" or "prosperous" but saya buat salah daa.. ada one line no meaning dah..takpela, i renamed it as "the marching ants". Baik punye cover..

This mercun papan also made from angpao, we gulung2 the angpao and then stick it with benang. We didn't spend a cent for the decoration, biasa lah..malas nak beli, lagipun nak save budget. But we scored points for being creative and use recycle things.

This is from SCS department, They really put an effort to decorate, mungkin target mereka nak menang competition. I love how they do origami to the angpao and then stick it together. Makes it looks like tang lung. Nice...

Well, This weekend, I'll heading to my uncle's house in sungai petani. We will have a family reunion + bincang2 +mesyuarat tergempar +gosip2 sambil melawat penang. The sad part is, I have to work on CNY, :( Since we are "global shared service", someone has to stay back and work. Means I don't have a long holiday this time. Takpa, hari lain gua pulak amek cuti berbondong2.

Updates on my baju nikah, I decided to buy new material for my baju nikah, the one yang i just got from bandung will be for the bersanding. Sebab agak sexy sikit and mengikut nasihat orang2 tua tak sesuai untuk bernikah, dan saya pun rasa macam terover kat situ, pastu takut bakal husband saya terkelu lidah masa salam ngn tok kadi haha..

Happy holidays everybody!

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