Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Butik Hunting

Dear Readers,

It has been a really productive day today. I was up quite early..not that I'm not a morning person, but considering it as a public holiday that falls on a Monday, selalu nya mmg terbabas jugak la kan.. *evil smirks*. Me and my parents were out and about going as far as Ampang to as near as my neighbour's living right behind my house hunting for the best place to get our engagement things done.

There were a few things that we need to negotiate with the bridal boutique. Which were

1) Gubahan hantaran
2) Makeup
3) Accessories
4) Mini pelamin
5) Hiasan bilik + tangga
6) Catering + canopy

The first place that we went to was RS Boutique in Ampang. Sophie, butik ni betul2 depan sikit je dari ko nye rumah lama, kat Taman Kosas, aku siap leh tunjuk shortcut2 kat my Dad lagi..haha.

We negotiated the price and also take a look at their photo galleries. I think their designs are OK and very affordable. The lady was quite helpful in giving us some tips about getting much more cheaper deal, for example to go to the shop across the road directly for the gubahan hantaran. The thing that caught my eyes is this persalinan jawa. It is a pink lace with batik jawa, perfect for couples that want something unique on their wedding day. The lady told me it just arrived and made in Bandung. Nice.. I didn't snap a picture of it. But found something similar to it in their website. http://www.butikpengantinrs.com/

Then, we move on to the Hantaran shop across the road. First impression...not really my style. I mean the hantaran designs is so 1997. Neon colours and fake flowers (not even bunga stokin OK! Bunga stokin aku nak gak consider )When i asked "Can you replace the fake flowers with fresh ones?" The answer, "Oh..itu manyak susah mau cari, Kita boleh buat tapi maaannnyak susah" and she repeated that like 3 times. OKAY... out of politeness, i told her "Thanks ah, kalau saya mau, saya datang lagi aa" Both of us knew that was not going to happen.

Next, I decided to drop by Traders Hotel to pick up special delivery from Kuwait :). My baby bought me a new jeans. His neighbour in Kuwait (a fellow Malaysian) came back to KL and he pass the jeans to her. I also have something to pass to my boyfriend, gifts from Bandung. I was there last 2 weeks for holiday, I'll post an entire entry about it later..

We went back to Shah Alam and went straight to Seksyen 4. My mother knew this lady from a friend's recommendation. So I hoped this one is better than the one in Ampang. Apparently Che Puan (as her namecard reads) only does hantaran. We went straight to her house since she's not in her shop today. She is really good in handcrafts and she even can make the bunga gim (which is still not available at most shops). We negotiated the design and the colours, also type of flowers that I like. I think lilies are gorgeous as decorations and it smells really good too. Roses and braises are an option as well.

She recommended us to take the package from Nabies Collection for the makeup and mini pelamin. I knew these guys from my endless hours of googling and i like their work too. Hope to see them soon.. Here is the link to their website http://nabies.fotopages.com/

Pelamin yang super duper cantik..nice eh?

We were back home about 8pm and just after i took my shower, my mom called me from our neighbour's house. Turn out that Aunty Siti makes creative hantaran that wows me and my mom. It's more to simple yet elegant. She is really good in what she's doing plus she gave us the best price! I'm a bit confused now since I like both che puan's and aunty siti's work. This is aunty siti's fotopage http://simplisiti.fotopages.com/

Here are some sample of her work... :D

I should not be blogging at this time, but I'm excited to share my findings today!
Hope that tomorrow will be bright and shiny day for all of us..

Good night!

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  1. practice makes perfect.The contents is interesting, the way its being brought out is the strength of this blogger..unfortunately, I can't see those samples mentioned..Looking forward for your new post!!

  2. nasi lemak: as my new "commentator"/"blog critic" you are doing well too...keep practising..and I have updated the post to include missing pictures and workable links

  3. boleh tak aku yang excited! Hehehe! Tak sabar tgk korang kawin!

  4. hey hey.. nice blog. really helpful. Followed! :)



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