Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Today marks the day that i managed to convince my boyfriend to quit his bad habit of smoking. Not that I have never tried smoking before, but bottomline is I realized that it doesn't do anything good to the body other than leave a stinking smelly breath and of course the numerous health effect.

I'm in no place to judge anyone who smokes but I'd rather see my family and friends doing good with no health complication than the other way around.

So what makes him give up smoking the instance I voiced it up?

Well, the fact that my mother did actually convey the message to him

One peaceful morning, in the car while I'm driving to Wangsa Maju:
Mama: Jay, Sofyan tu smoke ker?
Me: Yup, but he is not really a chain smoker, only like 4-5 sticks a day
Mama: IC...hmm, boleh tak u ask him to just quit? Mama risau la nanti effect to his health, sakit2 and lepas tu, bila jay pregnant nanti tak elok. (Dengan muka concern, dahi berkerut2)
Me: Err...OK, Jay bagitau dia nnt...

My boyfriend told me that this will be his new year resolution. I believe that he can go through this because he did it once before. more of this....

This is something I found from the web. One of the photoshoot for ANTM cycle 9. I love this show.

...and a disturbing image of lungs...

Yeay! to my boyfriend for changing his habit. :D

Owh, an update. The taylor is in holiday which means we're not heading to Ipoh tomorrow, instead, I planned to go see a bridal boutique with my mother. :)

Au revoir!

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