Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hairdo for the special day!

Dear readers,

Updates from the hantaran entry yesterday, I decided to go with Che Puan's. Even if it means i have to burn a hole just a little bit bigger in my pocket, *gulp* I believe that I've made the right choice. (Really hope that she could work her magic in my hantaran) To save some money, i decided to borrow dulang and maybe alas dulang from Aunty Siti (She's really a sweetheart to lend us her stuff)
For this entry, i want to blog about the hairdo or updo for the special day. Personally i think that a french updo, bun or we call it sanggul look so much elegant and sleek. But if you just let go of the hair maybe blow soft curls, it will make you look fun and a bit loose. I came across these images in the www. I sort it out according my personal favourite.

I love this updo the most! Adding baby breath flower (I hope i got that right) and a head band makes this a perfect style for the big day. Not overly done, not too simple...just classic! The next one is a bit similar, just the placing of the flower is something new for me.

I simply love the floral theme, like this one, i think its a type of berry and it stands out for itself. I also love the makeup on this girl. Ah..dia dah mmg cantik.Buat macammane pun lawa gak. Hatiku bergerutu. :p

Here is a kind of a messy look that looks gorgeouos, ini pun satu lagi, model nya dah lawa. Dah la aku tersuka rambut nya.The next picture uses a hair accessories, which i think is awesome! I think of using hair accessories for my big day *dreamy eyes*

These hairstyles is something different, where they pull out a part of the front hair to the back and twirls the rest of the hair into a bun (Looks like a lot of work to me) and then just accessorize it with flower. Walla!

This is a do with soft curls and creates a girlie look. Gorgeous!

This is too overly done, kind of messy to me..looks like a whole of party going on the back of her head..

Definitely not this one...wolverine hairstyle..this has got to go.

These are only some that i found on http://hubpages.com/hub/Wedding_Hairdos

There is also a video about how to make a simple updo, for the bridesmaid. Check it out..

I'm going to go see another wedding boutique, Nabies Collection in Bandar Setia Alam in a while.

Catcha later!

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  1. i vote for wolverine..hell yeah!!nyehehehe..kidding..first and 2nd pics suits you i guess..looks gorgeous.. :D

  2. I like the one with pink flower!

  3. nasi lemak: wolverine tuh untuk u la..

    Beeps: cantik kan, floral theme... ala2 garden wedding mmg seswai sgt.. :)

  4. i like the second!! the wolverine, big no no. hehehehe


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