Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally, I have landed!

Dear readers,

I have always wanted to start a blog, but i never really thought of it seriously until just recently when i have been an avid reader of some wedding blogs and also a few of my friends' blog, i just decided to start one my own. :) Thanks to Beeps who convinced me that it's OK to write, eventhough i'm not the kind of person with writing style that could blow you away nor i have the talent to make people laugh just by reading my posts. Also, i make my boyfriend promise to help me with the layout of this blog, how to make it cooler and stuff. Yeah my boyfriend is a geek (but that's the thing I love about him )

Let's start off with a quick introduction to the lucky man *wink* whom i will spend the rest of my life with. His name is Sofyan Arief, or better known as Sapet by fellow friends. He is currently working in Kuwait, ah, yes...we are having long distance relationship or i like to refer it as PJJ (percintaan jarak jauh). He is two years my senior, and he was a friend of friend before we get seriously involve in a relationship. With the help of my best friend Sophie and her husband Acad, (Sophie was the one who constantly make up plans so that both of us will meet and fall hard with each other. Well, that didn't happen until this year, bak kata kau la kan pie, jodoh korg ni kuat :p)

This is him during a trip to Dubai recently and that is his favourite standing pose

This is our first picture together as an item,(when he was with lesser hair) during a karaoke slash birthday celebration for Yo .

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me, I have 1 wedding to attend (Boy and Zai's wedding, his house is a few houses from mine, I bought them FCUK's Body wash and hand wash for their wedding gift with reasonable price, and it really smells nice, citrusy cinamonny smell, my choice of smell for everyday use, hope they'll like it! ).Also, I'll attend Zairul's engagement (She's my best friend in high school) in Shah Alam.

The body wash

The handwash

I'm off now, getting a good rest before tomorrow. Good night!

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  1. for a newbie...this is consider as quite an impressive achievement..

  2. nasi lemak: thanks syg, i'll post more good stuff about you :p

  3. Aku baru terperasan blog ko ni :-)
    Welcome! Welcome!


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