Sunday, December 28, 2008

1 wedding + 1 engagement ceremony

Congratulations to Boy and his wife Zai, for their solemnization today, (actually the nikah part was last week, today is the bersanding part at Boy's place)

I have known Boy and Wynn (the gorgeous sister) forever since we were little kids (I was about 5 years old) My earliest memory of them was when we were all playing hide and seek in my house (back then, we lived in a British colony type of house, kinda creepy in a way, because its huge, and there is no community or neighbours for like 1.5km radius)My brother and i were so excited whenever uncle Darwis and the family come to visit.(U bet, since we hardly have someone our age to play with at that time. Gile cam katak bawah tempurung time tu..ahaha)Somehow,we lost contact because we move a lot and of course studying in boarding schools make it even harder to stay in touch.

20 years later, we moved to Shah Alam and their house is just on the opposite site, end of the road from my house. They all have grown up to be handsome and pretty young adults I must say :)

Here are some pictures of the wedding.

These are the kids lived just nearby, you may recognize the little boy from some of the TV ads

The bunga maggars were given some final touch up by yours truly, but the kids messed with it even before the bride came. Oh well, kids...

With the bride and groom, their theme is orange, very striking and eye catching colour. Brilliant!

Right after the merenjis part

Ah, girls pose. Wynn, moi, Ika, Amy and Dora

Snap at their garden, don't know what happened to the vase tho..

With the younger sister, Dora.. anda sangat comel..

I managed to sneak out of the wedding to go to another friend's engagement party. Luckily it is just nearby Seksyen 7. Zairul is a good friend of mine, we were in the same dormitory for 5 years when I was studying in SMSAH. The housing area is quite new, getting there is not a problem, since I am good in navigating hehe (well, my friend Didi called and give simple direction to Zairul's house, and its a no brainer ;) ) As the story goes, the engagement party invites came to me as a shock, because i haven't heard from this girl for a while, I even knew about it from my friend Qila. Zairul herself was caught by surprise when her now fiance annouced that the ceremony will be a little earlier than they have planned. Oh, well.. I'm really happy for her, and I can see that she's excited too..good for both of you! Congrats, k!

Zairul's bedroom

With Didi and Zairul

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go back hometown for fitting session for my engagement dress. Since the taylor is well known for her good workmanship and also eyes for details like beading and also gorgeous designs, I won't mind the journey to Ipoh and back just for the sake of a dress. I hope she's open for business tomorrow. Note to self: Remind mama to call her tonight.

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram everyone...

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