Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hairdo for the special day!

Dear readers,

Updates from the hantaran entry yesterday, I decided to go with Che Puan's. Even if it means i have to burn a hole just a little bit bigger in my pocket, *gulp* I believe that I've made the right choice. (Really hope that she could work her magic in my hantaran) To save some money, i decided to borrow dulang and maybe alas dulang from Aunty Siti (She's really a sweetheart to lend us her stuff)
For this entry, i want to blog about the hairdo or updo for the special day. Personally i think that a french updo, bun or we call it sanggul look so much elegant and sleek. But if you just let go of the hair maybe blow soft curls, it will make you look fun and a bit loose. I came across these images in the www. I sort it out according my personal favourite.

I love this updo the most! Adding baby breath flower (I hope i got that right) and a head band makes this a perfect style for the big day. Not overly done, not too simple...just classic! The next one is a bit similar, just the placing of the flower is something new for me.

I simply love the floral theme, like this one, i think its a type of berry and it stands out for itself. I also love the makeup on this girl. Ah..dia dah mmg cantik.Buat macammane pun lawa gak. Hatiku bergerutu. :p

Here is a kind of a messy look that looks gorgeouos, ini pun satu lagi, model nya dah lawa. Dah la aku tersuka rambut nya.The next picture uses a hair accessories, which i think is awesome! I think of using hair accessories for my big day *dreamy eyes*

These hairstyles is something different, where they pull out a part of the front hair to the back and twirls the rest of the hair into a bun (Looks like a lot of work to me) and then just accessorize it with flower. Walla!

This is a do with soft curls and creates a girlie look. Gorgeous!

This is too overly done, kind of messy to me..looks like a whole of party going on the back of her head..

Definitely not this one...wolverine hairstyle..this has got to go.

These are only some that i found on http://hubpages.com/hub/Wedding_Hairdos

There is also a video about how to make a simple updo, for the bridesmaid. Check it out..

I'm going to go see another wedding boutique, Nabies Collection in Bandar Setia Alam in a while.

Catcha later!

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Wedding Butik Hunting

Dear Readers,

It has been a really productive day today. I was up quite early..not that I'm not a morning person, but considering it as a public holiday that falls on a Monday, selalu nya mmg terbabas jugak la kan.. *evil smirks*. Me and my parents were out and about going as far as Ampang to as near as my neighbour's living right behind my house hunting for the best place to get our engagement things done.

There were a few things that we need to negotiate with the bridal boutique. Which were

1) Gubahan hantaran
2) Makeup
3) Accessories
4) Mini pelamin
5) Hiasan bilik + tangga
6) Catering + canopy

The first place that we went to was RS Boutique in Ampang. Sophie, butik ni betul2 depan sikit je dari ko nye rumah lama, kat Taman Kosas, aku siap leh tunjuk shortcut2 kat my Dad lagi..haha.

We negotiated the price and also take a look at their photo galleries. I think their designs are OK and very affordable. The lady was quite helpful in giving us some tips about getting much more cheaper deal, for example to go to the shop across the road directly for the gubahan hantaran. The thing that caught my eyes is this persalinan jawa. It is a pink lace with batik jawa, perfect for couples that want something unique on their wedding day. The lady told me it just arrived and made in Bandung. Nice.. I didn't snap a picture of it. But found something similar to it in their website. http://www.butikpengantinrs.com/

Then, we move on to the Hantaran shop across the road. First impression...not really my style. I mean the hantaran designs is so 1997. Neon colours and fake flowers (not even bunga stokin OK! Bunga stokin aku nak gak consider )When i asked "Can you replace the fake flowers with fresh ones?" The answer, "Oh..itu manyak susah mau cari, Kita boleh buat tapi maaannnyak susah" and she repeated that like 3 times. OKAY... out of politeness, i told her "Thanks ah, kalau saya mau, saya datang lagi aa" Both of us knew that was not going to happen.

Next, I decided to drop by Traders Hotel to pick up special delivery from Kuwait :). My baby bought me a new jeans. His neighbour in Kuwait (a fellow Malaysian) came back to KL and he pass the jeans to her. I also have something to pass to my boyfriend, gifts from Bandung. I was there last 2 weeks for holiday, I'll post an entire entry about it later..

We went back to Shah Alam and went straight to Seksyen 4. My mother knew this lady from a friend's recommendation. So I hoped this one is better than the one in Ampang. Apparently Che Puan (as her namecard reads) only does hantaran. We went straight to her house since she's not in her shop today. She is really good in handcrafts and she even can make the bunga gim (which is still not available at most shops). We negotiated the design and the colours, also type of flowers that I like. I think lilies are gorgeous as decorations and it smells really good too. Roses and braises are an option as well.

She recommended us to take the package from Nabies Collection for the makeup and mini pelamin. I knew these guys from my endless hours of googling and i like their work too. Hope to see them soon.. Here is the link to their website http://nabies.fotopages.com/

Pelamin yang super duper cantik..nice eh?

We were back home about 8pm and just after i took my shower, my mom called me from our neighbour's house. Turn out that Aunty Siti makes creative hantaran that wows me and my mom. It's more to simple yet elegant. She is really good in what she's doing plus she gave us the best price! I'm a bit confused now since I like both che puan's and aunty siti's work. This is aunty siti's fotopage http://simplisiti.fotopages.com/

Here are some sample of her work... :D

I should not be blogging at this time, but I'm excited to share my findings today!
Hope that tomorrow will be bright and shiny day for all of us..

Good night!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Today marks the day that i managed to convince my boyfriend to quit his bad habit of smoking. Not that I have never tried smoking before, but bottomline is I realized that it doesn't do anything good to the body other than leave a stinking smelly breath and of course the numerous health effect.

I'm in no place to judge anyone who smokes but I'd rather see my family and friends doing good with no health complication than the other way around.

So what makes him give up smoking the instance I voiced it up?

Well, the fact that my mother did actually convey the message to him

One peaceful morning, in the car while I'm driving to Wangsa Maju:
Mama: Jay, Sofyan tu smoke ker?
Me: Yup, but he is not really a chain smoker, only like 4-5 sticks a day
Mama: IC...hmm, boleh tak u ask him to just quit? Mama risau la nanti effect to his health, sakit2 and lepas tu, bila jay pregnant nanti tak elok. (Dengan muka concern, dahi berkerut2)
Me: Err...OK, Jay bagitau dia nnt...

My boyfriend told me that this will be his new year resolution. I believe that he can go through this because he did it once before.

SO....no more of this....

This is something I found from the web. One of the photoshoot for ANTM cycle 9. I love this show.

...and a disturbing image of lungs...

Yeay! to my boyfriend for changing his habit. :D

Owh, an update. The taylor is in holiday which means we're not heading to Ipoh tomorrow, instead, I planned to go see a bridal boutique with my mother. :)

Au revoir!

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1 wedding + 1 engagement ceremony

Congratulations to Boy and his wife Zai, for their solemnization today, (actually the nikah part was last week, today is the bersanding part at Boy's place)

I have known Boy and Wynn (the gorgeous sister) forever since we were little kids (I was about 5 years old) My earliest memory of them was when we were all playing hide and seek in my house (back then, we lived in a British colony type of house, kinda creepy in a way, because its huge, and there is no community or neighbours for like 1.5km radius)My brother and i were so excited whenever uncle Darwis and the family come to visit.(U bet, since we hardly have someone our age to play with at that time. Gile cam katak bawah tempurung time tu..ahaha)Somehow,we lost contact because we move a lot and of course studying in boarding schools make it even harder to stay in touch.

20 years later, we moved to Shah Alam and their house is just on the opposite site, end of the road from my house. They all have grown up to be handsome and pretty young adults I must say :)

Here are some pictures of the wedding.

These are the kids lived just nearby, you may recognize the little boy from some of the TV ads

The bunga maggars were given some final touch up by yours truly, but the kids messed with it even before the bride came. Oh well, kids...

With the bride and groom, their theme is orange, very striking and eye catching colour. Brilliant!

Right after the merenjis part

Ah, girls pose. Wynn, moi, Ika, Amy and Dora

Snap at their garden, don't know what happened to the vase tho..

With the younger sister, Dora.. anda sangat comel..

I managed to sneak out of the wedding to go to another friend's engagement party. Luckily it is just nearby Seksyen 7. Zairul is a good friend of mine, we were in the same dormitory for 5 years when I was studying in SMSAH. The housing area is quite new, getting there is not a problem, since I am good in navigating hehe (well, my friend Didi called and give simple direction to Zairul's house, and its a no brainer ;) ) As the story goes, the engagement party invites came to me as a shock, because i haven't heard from this girl for a while, I even knew about it from my friend Qila. Zairul herself was caught by surprise when her now fiance annouced that the ceremony will be a little earlier than they have planned. Oh, well.. I'm really happy for her, and I can see that she's excited too..good for both of you! Congrats, k!

Zairul's bedroom

With Didi and Zairul

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go back hometown for fitting session for my engagement dress. Since the taylor is well known for her good workmanship and also eyes for details like beading and also gorgeous designs, I won't mind the journey to Ipoh and back just for the sake of a dress. I hope she's open for business tomorrow. Note to self: Remind mama to call her tonight.

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram everyone...

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally, I have landed!

Dear readers,

I have always wanted to start a blog, but i never really thought of it seriously until just recently when i have been an avid reader of some wedding blogs and also a few of my friends' blog, i just decided to start one my own. :) Thanks to Beeps who convinced me that it's OK to write, eventhough i'm not the kind of person with writing style that could blow you away nor i have the talent to make people laugh just by reading my posts. Also, i make my boyfriend promise to help me with the layout of this blog, how to make it cooler and stuff. Yeah my boyfriend is a geek (but that's the thing I love about him )

Let's start off with a quick introduction to the lucky man *wink* whom i will spend the rest of my life with. His name is Sofyan Arief, or better known as Sapet by fellow friends. He is currently working in Kuwait, ah, yes...we are having long distance relationship or i like to refer it as PJJ (percintaan jarak jauh). He is two years my senior, and he was a friend of friend before we get seriously involve in a relationship. With the help of my best friend Sophie and her husband Acad, (Sophie was the one who constantly make up plans so that both of us will meet and fall hard with each other. Well, that didn't happen until this year, bak kata kau la kan pie, jodoh korg ni kuat :p)

This is him during a trip to Dubai recently and that is his favourite standing pose

This is our first picture together as an item,(when he was with lesser hair) during a karaoke slash birthday celebration for Yo .

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me, I have 1 wedding to attend (Boy and Zai's wedding, his house is a few houses from mine, I bought them FCUK's Body wash and hand wash for their wedding gift with reasonable price, and it really smells nice, citrusy cinamonny smell, my choice of smell for everyday use, hope they'll like it! ).Also, I'll attend Zairul's engagement (She's my best friend in high school) in Shah Alam.

The body wash

The handwash

I'm off now, getting a good rest before tomorrow. Good night!

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